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Trustworthy & Safe Animal Control in Garland, TX

Rid your home of bothersome rodent and bird infestations with 5 Star Wildlife Control, one of the best wildlife removal service providers in Garland, TX. We’re a team of animal control specialists that will help rid your home of unwanted wildlife in the most humane and safe way possible.


Wildlife Removal

Extract unwelcome wildlife visitors safely with help from our bird and rodent control team. Our specialists remove live, dead, and any remaining effects of unwanted rodents and birds.

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Keeping Our Craft Humane & Safe

We pride ourselves on humane animal control practices. We take care to use effective traps that don’t harm the rodents we catch and safely release animals once they’re removed from the home. We also protect your family by using non-toxic material for removals and exterminations.

Free Inspections & a one-year guarantee

Let’s face it—rodent removals aren’t easy on the wallet. After all of the inspections, removal, and cleanup, you could be looking at a hefty sum. Our animal control team is proud to offer free inspections for all customers. We also guarantee one year on all of our animal removal services.

What to Expect After Wildlife Removal

Removing wildlife is only the first step to complete animal control. After the initial bird removal or rodent extermination, our team from 5 Star Wildlife Control will begin repairing any damages that may have resulted from nesting or trapping, including insulation removal and installation. Then we’ll take precautionary measures so the animals don’t return. 

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Don’t let the local rodents and birds run rampant in your home. Call 5 Star Wildlife Control and take back your property today. We’ll send our professional animal control team to catch, remove, and relocate pests for an animal-free experience. Call us today for your free inspection.

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